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Author: Jimmy

Located next to Sheffield Train Station, this has been on my list since I first took a trip down it's sister Optimus Prime and what a whore she was! The day didn't start very well when I realised my waders were lying neatly next to the front door and not in my hand like they should have been, this being the case; Flo Selecta seemed to have been alright with only a slight case of 'walking-boot-fail'. 

The big test now was how I'd cope with the waist deep water of Megatron. Arriving back at the train station after bouncing round Sheffield on another Pikey filled explore, Gone wadered up between a bus stop and a disappointing closed Co-Op, while myself on the other hand simply put on some boots and rolled my jeans up praying i'd come out with feeling left in my legs (I did....just.)

We waited for the right moment when traffic was at a minimum and no-one was looking over the into the water (BTP included), when the time was perfect-ish we climbed over with athletic precision and sprinted down to the safety of the culvert.

Headtorches on and backup torches out (the best being saved to light up 'the beast') we made our way through rubble, fast currents, open spaces and sudden rises of water level, after 30 minutes we were closing in, we could see a glimpse of daylight/sunset and there she was. We left our bags in the spider operated cloak room on a dry patch of rocks and made our way into the water...set up our cameras and tripods and lighted the place up in various ways with the water now completely swallowing my jeans and being at waist level.

The obligatory people shot in the water was taken in turn and after shaking our bags for any potential stowaways, we made good time in making our way back, stopping occasionally for some more shots of the arches/graff. 

When we were happy and drained-out, were packed away and emerged under the cover of and with a swift change of socks and shoes, we bailed to the train station to find that our Manchester train back was already at Platform 8. I guarantee those in the station were not expecting 2 lads to run full pelt to the train, one of which looked like he'd sat there and pissed his pants 5 minutes prior.

Edit: It probably wasn't our more clever idea to venture into Megatron just after it had stopped raining, the water levels reflected this...however we were there and a £14 return was not going to waste.

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