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Author: Jimmy

I always find Liverpool explores being the most memorable for me, maybe its due to me being a thieving scouse bastard from this lovely Metropolis, or maybe because the city has been undergoing some major redevelopment and as such, plenty of stuff has popped up.

Regardless, Mann Island had been a goal of mine for some time ever since it was hit up way back by some of the Northwests finest, Gone and Agour. Tonight, the timing seemed right however the weather was far from it. There is nothing I hate more than bailing up flights of stairs in the pissing down rain and gale force winds, with a crew assembled, we done just that.

After a pretty eventful day landing us in Wigan x2, Lancaster and Preston...myself and Gone headed to Liverpool with Millhouse and Sho chilling in the car behind, after a check of a known site and a look around the City,Mann Island was on the cards. Gone had previously topped this a while back and so didn't bother taking any photos. I have to admit, it's not some of my best work but with the conditions in  mind, I'm not was fucking cold.


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