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Author: Jimmy

I read about this drain a while back but at the time I was limited to exploring the Northwest and so no more though was given. Located within a public park in Derby, it's a good walk from the train station and on a time schedule.. it's quite a feat to accomplish. With 45 minutes upon arrival at the Park to find access and do what we came to do, we wasted no time and were in with no problems.

Before we departed from Manchester, I arrived at Gone's place around 8:10am to only just realise that for a draining trip, I had forgotten my wonder I was able to have that Lucozade Sport and Quavers with the use of 2 hands so easy. The only solution we could come to, was for Gone to lend me some top form walking boots... This did the trick as it kept my Vans dry for between explores and before we knew it, we were bashing our way to Derby (Involving a swift telling off through by the Train Operator.) 

This little beaut was discovered by Yaz and Little Mike a few years ago and parts of its function is to perform as an overflow for the Markeaton Brook, the only feature I was interested in however was the split from the Tunnel and with such low water present, I came off fairly dry even without any Waders.

"The UK's answer to Confluence."


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