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Author: Jimmy

We had just stepped off the train from Derby back to Sheffield, and our plan was to hit this place or what was left of it before the night set in. Megatron was doable anytime of the day, I don't think you'd find pikeys down there.

After what seemed like forever walking to the outskirts of the City Centre, and a stop off at a Hotel to drop the A Bomb, we had arrived. With the rain starting to fall and the sky not getting any brighter, we had a quick walk around the vicinity in the hope of a gaping hole to step through and with no luck, bounced over the main gates.

Bricks fell, I fell, Gone's boots fell as the bag ripped but we were in. We walked over to the main building we had sussed housed the holes we had walked half and hour to see. We were greeted with the lovely sight of fresh footprints from the rain, looks like we had company! With a 'fuck it' attitude, we went up the stairwell anyway only to be greeted with our own personal copper thief, he made for brief conversation and bailed, not before he left us with a tip; "Keep away from the windows".


After this it what your usual explore from then on, different angles, different floors, pack away and go before any of his mates take a shining to us and the contents of our bags.


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