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Author: Jimmy

"I have a strong feeling we're going to get arrested tonight"

For us, luck was on our side and this didn't happen and we accomplished near enough everything we had planned for our urbex invasion of Chester. Having all met up at separate times and one McDonalds later, we assembled into the car and were soon on our way to Chester, choosing to take the 'scenic route'.

Parking up near the Travel Lodge, we made our way through crowds of people approximately the same age as ourselves, who probably had the better idea of getting drunk rather than avoiding Police and being where they shouldn't.

We finally arrived at our first explore, The Commerce House. With some major skills and team work we were finally in, testing doors for alarms and with keeping torch light to a minimum made our way floor by floor to the roof hatch, which seemed all too easy and within a minute was taking in views of Chester and the local Police force dealing with altercations in the surrounding Pubs and Clubs.


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