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Author: Jimmy

The site was not the top priority of the night, however the views that the Crane would give on a hill over Liverpool City Centre certainly was. After a brief moment of hesitation we found ourselves on site dodging a large number of onsite security, both dome camera's and onsite patrols, and before we knew it we were making shapes bolting up the fully exposed exterior staircase of the structure alongside the crane as we had noticed that our top priority was locked halfway up.

None the less, what we had managed to climb provided an equally amazing view of the city and we quickly threw our camera's and tripods out our backs and started snapping. For me it was a brief one, I'd forgotten to charge my battery beforehand and ended up flat. Comedy exits also ensued.

"Shepherd Construction have been awarded the £16.5 million contract to build a new research facility for the University of Liverpool, It is due to be completed by October 2011.

The 5950m squared facility will be able to accommodate 600 researchers using the site to research into infectious diseases, cancer and digestive diseases. Various heat saving features will be inputted into the facility along with using recycled materials and sustainable timber."

The last 2 before the panoramic are Gone's shots.

'DOGS ON SITE.' Bullshit.


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