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Author: Jimmy

Nothing like Craning on a Saturday night, it's not like it's the Police's busiest time to be out and about. With some ninja-type agility we were easily onto the construction site, surprisingly minus any security of any kind, cameras or otherwise. With this, we split into 2 groups on our ascent up the 90-foot structure.

The sights were what you would expect 90ft above the ground, with not a good running track of taking night shots with my 'Rebel beast', this continued up the Crane with only a handful managing to come to fruition, unfortunately a shot down the Jib was not included in these.Standing at approximately 90-ft, on a chilled and surprisingly quiet Construction site, the Liebherr Litronic/Watkin Jones Crane has to be my most enjoyable Crane experience to date, taking the toll to 2 1/2 for those who know of my Sarah Tower experience.

The place was so chilled, we decided to hang around for a bit on the site itself, after pissing about with long exposures of the passing traffic we ended up constructing ourselves with some make-shift cribs seen in the distance.


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