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Author: Jimmy

This was a kind of solo with wh13y3t1 opting to wait for me on safer grounds.

The Prince's Landing Stage was created in 1850. At the time, the stage was much bigger than it currently stands today with operation lasting up until the 1950's but as with the decline of the city within Liverpool in the 1960's, the majority of the stage was either removed or allowed to decay and fall down.

All that is left now is a small, rotting section of the former landing stage with the ticket booth still standing, just.

At first, I thought this explore would be easy as I had done this once before back in March, at the time armed only with my 2mp camera phone and I thought that no-one would bother noticing anyone checking out an abandoned landing stage, this wasn't the case.

During my brief time here, I was faced with a Police Boat passing and before I had the chance to venture further down onto the lower floors, security in all it's high-vis glory put an abrupt end to my explore, informing me that I was not allowed on there as it was a dangerous structure and that "one's fell in already".

I am however, determined to head back to this place in the next week to venture onto the lower floors.


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