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The Dingle Railway Station was an underground station connected to the once vibrant Liverpool Overhead Railway (LOR) and is situated on the south end of Park Road in Dingle.

The Liverpool Overhead Railway was the world's first electrically operated overhead railway as the nature of goods being traded in and around the dock area was dangerously at risk if a steam alternative was to be used on the LOR.

The extension of the the Liverpool Overhead Railway was opened on the 21st December 1896 and served as the southern terminus within the railway line. There were at one stage, plans to allow the LOR further access inland when funds became available, thus making the Dingle Terminus into a through station, however this was not to come to fruition.

The Dingle Terminus was the only station situated below ground on the LOR line and trains accessed the station through a half a mile tunnel that was bored from the cliff face at Herculaneum Dock leading through to Park Road, where now the tunnel is in partially in use as a garage called 'Roscoe Engineering'.

As with the rest of the Liverpool Overhead Railway, the Dingle Terminus closed permanently on the 30th December 1956.

First are some images I have taken from Google to give a look the Dingle Tunnel entrance before and after the removal of the LOR.

In all it's glory;
As it stood afterwards, and still does;
An old 'Liverpool Corporation Environmental Health and Protection Department' Van

An old 1960's/1970's Morris Minor/Morris Traveller found still in excellent condition.
In-cutting within the tunnel for workers to avoid train-related injuries during working hours.
Equipment from the old Terminus is still clearly on show with the addition of old train bumpers still being present.
Having seen more cars than I could photograph, I experimented with the lighting after a while.
And again, this time however with an old banker's Jaguar with the light of the tunnel end in sight;
Paper shot;

More equipment relating to the LOR still present;
Original Sleeper;
Mysterious stairs stored at the end of the tunnel;
Panoramic of the end of the tunnel looking towards the half-mile stretch;


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