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This being my first proper explore in Liverpool, it didn't disappoint one bit. I could have spent hours more in this place, there was so much to see but as time was pressing on, we kept our stay to a mere 3 hours.

Stanley Dock, situated on the River Mersey is situated in the Vauxhall area of Liverpool running alongside the Dock Road and is connected to both the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and the Collingwood Dock.

Designed by Jesse Hartley in 1848, the original warehouses share similarities to those seen in the Albert Dock and are grade II listed buildings. Part of the northern warehouse was demolished due to damage sustained in an air raid during the Second World War.

In 2006, work commenced on a £20 million extension of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, thus providing a further 1.4 miles of navigable waterway leading towards the newly developed Pier Head.

As of March 2007, plans have been unveiled for the warehouse to be redeveloped into office space and 930 apartments, these plans include digging out the centre of the tobacco warehouse in order to make room for a garden filled courtyard.

An interesting fact is that the warehouse hosted part of the Most Haunted Live! Liverpool investigation in January 2009.

During today's explore, we ventured into the Jesse Hartley's Warehouse as well as alongside the Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse, home to the Heritage Market as well as the Accumulator/Hydraulics Tower and the Grain Silo.

Lift shaft on the ground floor;

External overlooking the Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse.
Jimmy_Halfway and wh13y3t1;
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Dock and Sunblest;
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