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Author: Jimmy

Quick history lesson about the dock...

Collingwood Dock is situated in the northern dock system in Vauxhall, Liverpool and connects to both Stanley Dock in the east and Salisbury Dock to the west. Having a bascule road bridge connecting Collingwood Dock and Stanley Dock together, Collingwood is the blander of the two as there is not as much information on this dock as it's sister however, I do not doubt for one moment that they are both equally rich in the history of the Liverpool Dockland, having opened in 1848.

Now lying disused, Collingwood Dock is in great condition none the less with views of the City Centre and the Victoria 6 Face Clock Tower in sight, this is a perfect visit on a hot summer's afternoon.

Headed into town today without the intention of doing any particular explore, rooftop or 2 was in mind but eventually I happened to end up in the docks, so to continue where I left off...

Sunday Mirrah 2k3
Chilling facing the Clock Tower, target No.1 .....and also Hanson Aggregates
Lonesome sleeper:
HDR shot of the Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse (Heritage Market), this place is on my list in the near future.
As always, heres the rest of the shots from today, Clicky


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