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Author: Jimmy

The White Tomkins and Courage Grain Silo is one of 4 structures situated within the Stanley Dock area of Liverpool. White Tomkins & Courage Ltd manufactured a number of products ranging from tapioca, maize and flaked rice to other forms of ingredients.

With the raw materials coming from exotic countries, storage facilities such as the Silo seen in Stanley Dock were constructed in Docks around the country, with the Stanley Dock Silo responsible for the housing of Grain.

Not a very stable structure to say the least, and the broken metal clanging had us thinking we were not along. After a short but fearful trek up the stairs we were on the roof, which has certainly seen better days, however the views make up for it.

External again taken from a second visit.

Sights of the City Centre, Radio City Tower and the Anglican Cathedral.From the roof, Stanley Dock, more specifically the Jesse Hartley's Warehouse.
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External from the Tobacco Warehouse.


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