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Author: Jimmy

Gripper Drain. This one happened to be on my list for a long time, it's not the nicest or even the most interesting of drains out there, but seeming as though every explorer in the Greater Manchester area has seemed to venture down it, including our Australian brothers; the 'Cave Clan', I decided it was time for me to cross it off.

I won't lie, I was actually getting ready to go shopping in Tesco but when Gone popped up online telling me he was with NickUK and fancied a return to Gripper, I eventually caved in and agreed, putting my shopping off till later in the night (as gay as it sounds).

It proved to be somewhat of a challenge climbing down the muddy bank, skinny jeans on an explore will do that, I made it without slipping which was a success so from this point on, anything else was icing on the cake.

Gripper presented a nice little explore which was dry and fairly clean, what was the highlight was when NickUK attempted to climb over a railing, ripping his jeans in the process, hanging his under-garments for all to see, Good times.


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