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Author: Jimmy

Visited with Appo.

After hitting up the Excelsior Printing and Book Binding Works, walking back me and Appo decided to try some rooftops that we had saw Rookie and Gone master a few days back. Moho was a success for Appo, with me waiting at the door giving assistance when needed and City Gate 3 Apartments was a success when we scaled the fencing up onto the roof.

Such a hot day and such a nice roof to chill on, got to remember however that the 12 storey City Gate 2 Apartments was overlooking us so this visit was short and sweet.

Some information on the place;

City Gate by Bellway is made up of three buildings, each with it's own individual design and height.Located in the Castlefields area of Manchester, City Gate provides 149 luxurious apartments, spanning 6 floors, overlooking the Hulme roundabout.

Having already won the 2005 Specialists in Construction Awards, this apartment building is not one to miss. The view from the roof is something else, allowing for the opportunity to view Manchester from the south, something I do not have the opportunity to do very often.

Appo and the Hilton Hotel:

View from the ground:


I would suggest if you are taking a trip past this place, to stop and pay its rooftop a little visit as you will not be disappointed, especially on a hot summers day.


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