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Author: Jimmy

Done this one solo.

Information borrowed from Gone:

In the early 1800’s Charles Macintosh the found of the well known waterproof coat/garment invented a process of softening India rubber and opened up a small establishment in Glasgow producing waterproof cloth.

In 1824 a deal was set in motion between Macintosh and Birleys an owner of many large cotton mills to build a mill to produce the rubber although the mill was built so that if the producing of rubber was wrong or inadequate then the mill could be converted easily to a cotton mill.
Macintosh’s waterproof cloth was not very fashionable in its early days although a large market existed within the armed forces and the merchant navy.

Macintosh died in 1843 and the process was continued by Thomas Hancock who then patented vulcanisation which was originally discovered by Charles Goodyear in America.

The works was taken over by the Dunlop Company in 1923 and the manufacture of rubber products continued at the site until early 2000. Although the original mill was destroyed in 1940 as a result of the WW2 bombing raids over Manchester.

The first 3 shots I took back after the Hacienda in the evening.


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