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Author: Jimmy

Visited with Gone, Rookie and Appo.

This drain definitely put my fear of spiders to the test, after entering through the infall from Gore Brook we made our way through Supercharger B with explores into the the joining RCP, through concrete chambers filled with spiders and processors.

Later on towards the end, within the large bricked chamber, we entered through an RCP after mimicking arachnids with our stomach crawls, we found ourselves wadering through in Gone's words "only 10% piss". With not much to see down the sewer, we headed back but not before I had the chance to fall on my arse getting the whole of my left side soaked in river water.

With laughs and piss-takes, this is on the list of my favourite explores. Thanks to Gone and Appo for creeping me out with 'spiders' on their tripods chasing after me, ending up in me again falling flat on my arse for a second and third time, resulting in me being drenched all the way home.

Awesome day.


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