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Author: Jimmy

Visited with Gone, Rookie, Appo and Agour.

Words cannot describe this place, My first thoughts when we reached Salford Quays was that I was spending the night in the cells but not before swallowing an SD card! This luckily didn't happen. Top marks have to be awarded to all of the crew for their ninja-like skills, after what seemed to be an eternity we were rooftopping it, feeling relieved but quickly reminding myself that the other half of the job was yet to come, we took our shots and spent some time before embarking on the return trip.

Security Guards are highly overrated as this lot didn't know what hit them, black-clad crew bailing past their window was probably not on their days agenda.

I have never ran so much in my life knowing what is at stake, good time, good shots, excellent rush!

What I can only describe as the highlight of my short career in urban exploration, I present the photographs I took on this epic night;


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