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Getting a message at 2am in this morning to get myself down to Deansgate as soon as humanly possible is not the way to start an explore, well it kind of was in this instance. With word that it was now or never as a certain access was wide open for all to see, I found myself at the mercy of Greater Manchester Public Transport, sharing my company with drunks and pre-drinking students.

Unable to reach anyone to them already making their descent, I hastily walked past a GMP van and its 2 accompanying officers, took a breath and took the plunge, step after step for which seemed like it would never end. Disappearing into darkness, not for one second did I feel at ease due to access and exit being at the mercy of luck that someone did not come across a certain hole in the ground that was certainly not meant to open.

I had no idea to what size the place was, I followed the painted directions from another era, leading me to the others who were just finishing up. With this in mind, I took no time in getting set up and doing what I came to do and with one or two scares near the end, we were home free.

Shouts to Gone/Nckt/Agour & Sneak for this one.


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