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Author: Jimmy

Got a call from Gone earlier in the day telling me him and NickUK were up for some exploring if i fancied it. After the last few attempts of exploring in Manchester were very eventful to say the least, I thought i'd give it another go. 

After meeting up with the two lads, we were debating what places there were to do, that we haven't really done before. After a long walk around the majority of the City Centre, we set our sites on the Britton House apartment building of the Green Quarter complex.

The ladders leading upto this rooftop defeated me once before the summer, because to be completely honest, they don't feel as though they're a permanent feature of the building and feel as though they'll fall off at any minute. With this in mind however, the three of us continued from the lower rooftop to the main rooftop, enjoying the views of Manchester once more.

On our descent, we had jokingly mentioned how funny it would be if someone had closed the door we had entered the roof through, when we got back down onto the lower roof, it wasn't so funny when someone had actually closed the door. After spending a good hour on the rooftop, phoning everyone we could think of, we finally managed to get someone to open the door, however this was not before we had a good laugh at the couple experimenting in some odd sexual activities next door.



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