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Author: Jimmy

Having heard many tales of the people who guard this beauty with accessories such as baseball bats, it was something to be wary of as we set down the pitch black lane leading to the once sea-bearing Duke of Lancaster.

I had always imagined this place to be on top but nothing could prepare me for how we set about exploring the ship. After what seemed like an infinity of infiltration and sheer courage, we were all up and in one piece. My next top priority was to take the best possible photographs I could without alarming the 'security', this proved to be ISO 1600 \ F 4.6.

Once satisfied with what we had taken, we spared no time in packing all our kit away and making the return journey back onto solid ground, all the while exposing ourselves to sub-zero temperatures.

Certainly one that I won't forget any time soon and possibly the highlight of our Wales road trip, The Duke of Lancaster certainly did not disappoint.  

History on the place can be found here or here


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