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Author: Jimmy

After an unfortunate turn of events with Gone's new VW and it's feud with the battery, we weren't able to follow Plan A in Speke and so thoughts then turned to a bit of draining and what better time to dust of the Lidl beasts. Lucky for us we had our waders packed and ready for use for situations such as these.

Made up of several chambers ranging in size in between RCP's of multiple lengths and sizes, Double Trouble is home to some magnificent concrete staircases with a regular flow of water. Some are set out within the concrete features of the drain, others are encased within the brickwork further along allowing for the waters flow to continue to the outfall with ease.

One of the two outfalls.

RCP from a concrete chamber.
Staircase towards a stooping RCP.

I was very surprised at how clean this place was considering its location, haha joke, and after roughly an hour underground, we were satisfied with our pictures and popped a spider-filled manhole to call it a day.

Cheers for Looking.


  1. Hi, I would like to do this, Do you have a map or how do you got in them??

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