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Author: Jimmy

After meeting up with Appo, Gone and Rookie, we headed around Liverpool City Centre looking for some rooftops to hit up, with one success already in the bag for the day others were not so successful. After around 3-4 failed attempts, we decided we would go about what we initially set off to do, Waterloo tunnel, which is situated just off Pall Mall and is in the Dock area.

Running at 862 metres long and opening in 1849, the western end of the tunnel was Waterloo Goods Railway Station. After 1895 this was extended further to the Liverpool Riverside Railway Station. On the tunnels eastern side, this led to Edge Hill Railway Station, with a short cutting between both tunnels with a width of 4 tracks. This cutting is situated between Byrom Street and Fontenoy Street and connects the Waterloo Tunnel and Victoria Tunnel.

Both tunnels ceased to be used and were closed on the 19th November 1972, and although they are effectively one long tunnel from Edge Hill to Liverpool Waterloo Dock. Both tunnels was given separate names due to the nature of the trains they involved. One tunnel was used for cable hauled trains whilst the other would be used for locomotive hauled trains.

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