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Author: Jimmy

Explored with Reddood, Gone, Lazlo and another.

RAF Croft was originally built as a Naval Training Centre called HMS Gosling. Commissioned on the 1st July 1942 they had facilities for the training of Air Fitters, Air Mechanics, Radio Mechanics, and Royal Marine Trainee's.

The base was used by the RAF from 1941 up until the mid 50s when it became tenanted by the USAF as a processing station for Burtonwood airbase, being the largest USAF base in the country until it closed, Airmen could fly in to Burtonwood then make there way over to croft, here they had resident buildings to stay with your family, a running track, playing field and even a theatre. When the airmen's stay was up they would go back to Burtonwood and continue with their working duties.

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