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Author: Jimmy

Good times with Gone. Most likely being my last explore in Manchester until after the summer, after having a quick chat with him about the possibility of a Gasometer, we we're out and on our way towards Ancoats.

When we finally arrived at the location, we checked around the area for the easiest and least detectable way in. Once in major skills were needed to infiltrate the site, however before we knew it we were making our way up shady ladder after shady ladder until we were nearing the top.

It didn't help that it was pouring down with rain and that both me and Gone were drenched before we even started our climb. I also started to notice midway through the climb that with each floor, the size of the platform was getting smaller, not something I was very happy about.
Built in 1869, this Gasometer, also known as a Gasholder was built at the time, on the new Bradford Gasworks site situated north of the Ancoats area within Greater Manchester. I couldn't really find any more information past this point.

All in all, it was worth soldiering through the rain and enduring the climb to chill at the very top, and finally looking down at the view. However, security needs to up its game.

view towards the city centre from the 5th platform;
final ladder leading the to the top of the gasometer;
view of the city centre from the top;
ground shot;

Picture quality is not at it's best due to the rain, I couldn't keep it off the lens no matter how much I wiped the camera.


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