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Author: Jimmy

Not alot of recent information can on the mill, however from sources dated from back in 2006, it has been under discussion to be transformed into 2 new luxury apartment blocks containing a total of 355 residential apartments, although there is absolutely no evidence of this at all.

Joseph Heap founded a rice mill in Liverpool in either 1778 or 1780. Up until the 1880's, the firm owned it's own ships known as the Diamond H line after their house flag and sailed between Liverpool and Australia via the Ragoon and the West Indies.

Visited with Reddood, from records within the offices and on documents located around the mill, the place closed it's doors in 2005 and judging by the amount of decay that has occurred in this short period of time, nature has not be kind to it. With the amount of cobwebs and spiders present along with the faeces left by birds and rats, many still in residence, this is certainly one place not to be taken lightly, you'll leave it feeling like a schizophrenic.



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